Hurling is an outdoor team sport of ancient Gaelic origin and played with sticks and a ball. The game, played primarily in Ireland, is arguably the world's fastest field team sport in terms of game play and is Ireland's national sport. We're currently looking for people that are interested in playing the great game of hurling.

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Akron Travels to Boston…Gains Respect…Learns Valuable Lessons

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Akron Celtic Guards Hurling Club prior to their match vs. Chicago

The Akron Celtic Guards traveled to Boston over the 2009 Labor Day weekend to partake in their first ever North American Championships. Matched up against Chicago in the very first match of the weekend, the Guards were un-able to muster much of anything against what proved to be a younger, speedier, and skilled Chicago team. Even though the score was very lopsided, the lads from Akron kept on fighting. It was apparent by the numerous comments from other teams how they respected Akron's "never give up" approach to competition. Hustle, grit, and intensity were words used all weekend by other teams to describe our chippy group of Hurlers from Akron.


Early in the year, it was a goal of ours to make this trip to Boston. To prove to the hurling community but most importantly ourselves that we could represent the Midwest in what proved to be the most talent rich field of Irish Hurling teams from all over the country. Teams from San Francisco, Denver, Portland, ME, New Hampshire, Indiana, Minnesota, Washington, DC, and Allentown, PA, were just a few cities that were represented in what proved to be a fantastic weekend of Irish Hurling.


When we lost to Chicago, our weekend was technically over in relation to the tournament which was a single-elimination aka: "one and done" set up. However, led by a resourceful and outgoing group from Akron and New Hampshire, we were able to set up a small tournament of our own at a nearby pitch."C" group teams from Indy, New Hampshire, Portland, ME, and Akron combined to enjoy a Saturday afternoon of hurling games that proved to be very entertaining. Just ask the fans that traveled from Portland, ME, and New Hampshire, whom lined the field and cheered equally for all teams.

Akron, New Hampshire & Portland, ME


Victory for Akron this weekend came in the form of true sportsmanship, honor, and respect for our fellow hurlers who traveled from around the country to participate in what was an un-forgettable and amazing weekend. We learned some important things about ourselves along with what direction we need to go in to help grow the club and become more competitive. It was an honor to play with such teams as Chicago, Indy, New Hampshire, and Portland, MA. We took something away from this tournament...something far more important than winning. We came away learning from our loss and realizing how important it is to maintain good relationships with other hurling teams across the country. Their excellent advice and encouragement keep us motivated to keep growing. It also allows us to garner new matches between Akron and other cities.


Hurling is a game played honorably by honorable people. The Akron Celtic Guards are proud to have represented our city, our club, and ourselves in such a matter that other clubs around the country took notice. We look forward to the future of our club and what it has in store for us.


Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone. Practices are held every Sunday and Tuesday. We look forward to seeing you on the pitch soon!




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Akron Celtic Guards stay "Cool" in Steel City Scorcher

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The Akron Celtic Guards traveled to Pittsburgh on Saturday, August 15, 2009, on what turned out to be a sweltering sunny afternoon in the Steel city. Just as in the first match of the season, this game would be a tale of two halves.


A young chippy Pittsburgh team jumped out to a very quick start as their much-improved squad showed heart, determination, and hustle as they pounded Akron to garner a massive halftime lead.


Akron made some half time adjustments & held a very spunky Pittsburgh team to only one 2nd half score. Akron scored a barrage of second half goals and points led by Michael Ruane who led the Akron squad in scoring. Luke Wilcox had some very impressive long goals for Akron & Patrick Taylor Jr. showed flair at the mid field spot scoring nicely as well. Scott Cooper scored his very first goal Saturday on a splendid ground hurl. Jamison Blose had a very nice ground pass that set it up. Congratulations to Scott!!!


The Akron defense was simply stellar in the second half led by extremely aggressive play led by Jim Micali and Adam Behm. Repeatedly the first year players of Mike Steiner, Greg Maruna, Jamison Blose, Damon Campbell, John Higgins, and Jeff Lynch turned back Pittsburgh offensive runs. It was apparent by their efforts that they were not overwhelmed in, what was for a few, their first road match. Pittsburgh was a tough & feisty host that did not slow its intensity on what turned out to be a scorching hot day!


Following the game, our gracious Pittsburgh hosts treated us to a very nice barbecue. Many laughs were had as the two teams continue to bond in what is becoming a friendly rivalry between the two cities. The Akron Celtic Guards would like to thank the lads of Pittsburgh for putting on a fantastic match and after party! We look forward to seeing you in Akron for this years Al O'Leary tournament!

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Akron vs. Pittsburgh - 08.15.2009

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Akron is traveling to Pittsburgh to play the Pitt strikers!

Current Roster:
  1. Ruane
  2. Blose
  3. Maruna
  4. Jr.
  5. Micali
  6. Luke
  7. Campbell
  8. Coop
  9. Steiner
  10. Lynch
  11. Higgins
  12. Shillinger
  13. Adam
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