Hurling is an outdoor team sport of ancient Gaelic origin and played with sticks and a ball. The game, played primarily in Ireland, is arguably the world's fastest field team sport in terms of game play and is Ireland's national sport. We're currently looking for people that are interested in playing the great game of hurling.

The News

Rebels Pound Selkies to Remain Unbeaten in City Series Play

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2009 Akron Hurling City Series Match #4 - the Selkies of Scorchers in the Valley host the Rebels of Ray's Pub

In a highly anticipated Sunday, October 25, 2009, hurling match between city rivals, the Ray's Pub Rebels were not very pleasent visitors to the Scorchers in the Valley Selkies, who became the victim of the Rebels for the 2nd time this season. Sparked by scores from Luke Wilcox, the Rebels took nothing for granted and clubbed the Selkies to take a demanding lead in the hunt for the first annual city series title. Mark Agner, Michael Steiner, and Greg Maruna, kept pressure on the Selkie defenders all afternoon with their skillful stick work and nifty hand passes.


The Selkie full forward line is becoming something of legend, Captain Jamison Blose keeps finding aggressive rookies who seem to score goals at will. The week featured five goals from the Selkie front line rookies. Even in a loss the Selkie players remained classy and continued to play hard through out the entire match.


The Akron Hurling Fall City Series standings after four weeks:
Ray's Pub 3-0
Scorchers 1-2
AOH 0-2


There are only two weeks remaining in the 2009 Akron Hurling season. Be sure to come out to watch the final two matches of the 2009 city series. The Sunday, November 1, 2009, match features the winless AOH Arsenal hosting the Selkies of Scorchers in what promises to be a feisty matchup between heated rivals. Scorchers Captain Jamison Blose was quoted as saying, "Bring on the Arsenal," which prompted a swift come back from Arsenal Captain Damon Campbell, "Oh...we will be there Jamison!" Let's hope the players share their captain's passion as Sunday's game should be a real barn burner!


Anyone interested in learning the sport of Hurling is welcome to come to the pitch every Sunday at noon. No equipment needed as the Akron Celtic Guards Hurling Club will provide some for you. The Akron Hurling City Series is a co-ed league, so women are encouraged to participate and eventually dominate.




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Celtic Guards Split with Indy in 2009's Final Away Series

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2009 Indy Blitz Hurling Tournament - Akron & Indianapolis Hurling Clubs


The Akron Celtic Guards Hurling Club traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday, October 24, 2009, to compete in what was their last road trip of the 2009 season. Making the approximate 5-1/2 hour trip from Akron was a fine group of veteran hurlers along with a few first year players who showed their growth and maturity in what proved to be a glorious day of hurling in Indy.


The first match of the day was taken by Indy who jumped all over a shell shocked Akron squad that seemed to be hung over from a night out in Akron at Ray’s Pub in Highland Square. Even though the boys were blown out in the 1st half, they battled back in the 2nd half to make a true game of it. Playing well for the Celtic Guards was Dan Rimmel who truly picked his game up a notch and delivered a performance that was brilliant! If you see Dan, give him a pat on the head for a job well done. Also raising some eyebrows was first year player Michael Clayton whose all or nothing approach to hurling was inspiring to the other Celtic Guards hurlers.


In the 2nd match of the afternoon, the Celtic Guards were able to jump out to a quick lead with long puck outs to full forward Luke Wilcox who seemed to score at will. Mark Agner played an aggressive mid field to control the possession for the Celtic Guards. Michael Ruane and Dan Rimmel were stifling on defense from the full back positions as goalie Adam Behm fought through back pains to secure the win.


It was a fantastic day had by both teams as we continue to build on our already strong hurling relationship with the Indy lads & lasses. Thanks go out to Brian Mathes and the Indy Hurling team that proved to be gracious hosts. For any hurling teams around the country that are interested in playing other teams, Akron and Indy are by far some of the classiest groups of clubs around. Please contact us to set up future matches, because we are more than happy to meet you.





2nd Half of the 2009 Fall City Series Set to Start

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2009 Akron Hurling City Series Fall Match Schedule Flyer


Sunday, October 25, 2009, at noon, marks the start of the second half of the 2009 Akron Hurling City Series Fall Matches. We hope many of you will continue to come out and support our teams and fun sponsors afterwards (or anytime). So far, the City Series competition has been tough, as was expected, and much more exciting to watch than a certain football team that "plays" on Sundays as well. Anyway, we've relisted the full schedule below. See you on the pitch!

Akron Hurling: 2009 Fall City Series Match Schedule

Week 1 - Sunday, October 4, 2009 @ 12PM
Selkies - sponsored by Scorchers in the Valley
Rebels - sponsored by Ray's Pub in Highland Square (H)
Week 2 - Sunday, October 11, 2009 @ 12PM
Arsenal - sponsored by AOH Brown Street
Selkies - sponsored by Scorchers in the Valley (H)
Week 3  - Sunday, October 18, 2009 @ 12PM
Rebels - sponsored by Ray's Pub in Highland Square
Arsenal - sponsored by AOH Brown Street (H)

Week 4 - Sunday, October 25, 2009 @ 12PM
Rebels - sponsored by Ray's Pub in Highland Square
Selkies - sponsored by Scorchers in the Valley (H)
Week 5 - Sunday, November 1, 2009  @ 12PM
Selkies - sponsored by Scorchers in the Valley
Arsenal - sponsored by AOH Brown Street (H)
Week 6  - Sunday, November 8, 2009  @ 12PM
Arsenal - sponsored by AOH Brown Street
Rebels - sponsored by Ray's Pub in Highland Square (H)

(H) = Home pub that hosts post match activity


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2009 City Series Kicks Off with a Rebel Yell!

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2009 Akron Hurling City Series Match #1 - the Rebels of Ray's Pub vs the Selkies of Scorchers


The first ever match of the 2009 Akron Hurling City Series, held on Sunday, October 4, pitted the Selkies, sponsored by Scorchers in the Valley vs. the Rebels, sponsored by of Ray's Pub in Highland Square!


The match was extremely well played by both sides. The Scorchers squad was being over matched late in the first half but was able to club their way back into the match during the second half with some fine scoring and tough defense!


In the end, it was the Ray's Rebels surviving a close one point match that will go down as a City Series Classic! The final score...the Ray's Pub Rebels 5-5 over the Scorchers Selkies 5-4. Well done lads & lasses!




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2009 Al O'Leary Tournament…Success!

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2009 Al O'Leary Hurling Tournament Championship Match - Akron Reds vs Indianapolis


The 2009 Al O'Leary Tournament, held on Saturday, October 3, turned out to be a success both on and off the field. Teams traveled to Akron from Indianapolis and Pittsburgh to partake in what is becoming a well organized and friendly regional tournament in Akron, Ohio.


The Akron Celtic Guards had two teams represented in the tournament. The Akron Reds were comprised of some of the more seasoned players while the Akron Blacks were comprised of mostly first year players along with a few hurlers from our past that wanted to partake in the festivities.


The first match of the day pitted the Akron Reds vs. a feisty bunch of hurlers from Pittsburgh who came into town with a familiar face in Patrick Taylor Jr., who is now a freshman at Pittsburgh University. The Akron Reds were able to advance to the finals match with a good team effort and overall skill despite the obvious speed advantage that Pittsburgh had. As usual, the group of fine hurlers from Pittsburgh played an aggressive, speedy type game that kept everyone on their toes.


The second match of the day pitted Indianapolis and the Akron Blacks. Indianapolis came out strong with some fine play by their mid-fielders. Controlling most of the first half, Indy was able to build a small halftime lead. The Akron Blacks' players showed some determination as they clawed their way into a tight second half match that proved to be rather entertaining. Indy held off the chippie group of Akron Blacks to advance to the finals.


The third match of the afternoon had Pittsburgh and the Akron Blacks battling for third place. Both teams played well as the task of playing two matches in one day began to take its toll. Paced by Patrick Taylor Jr., the Pittsburgh squad was able to stave off a torrent of the Akron Blacks' late game efforts. Both squads played hard and with great intensity. Well done!


The final match of the day had Indy playing the Akron Reds for the Al O'Leary Trophy! Indy started fast as they once again fed their talent at mid-field, who did not let their goalie down for his pin-point passing. Akron was quick to respond with two back-to-back goals. The match went back and forth from there with both teams playing very stout defense while combining good team play that included brilliant hand and stick passes. Even though both teams were playing good defense, each team took advantage of even the smallest openings to score when the opportunity presented itself. The Akron Reds put together a nice second half effort to hold off an aggressive charge by Indy. In the end, it was the Akron Reds holding onto the Al O'Leary Trophy.


The after party at the AOH was a beautiful sight as all teams gathered to eat and drink together as a hurling community! The keg of Guinness seemed to go by very quickly, but the teams stayed on to keep the party going late into the evening. Thanks go out to Patrick Taylor Jr. and a fine group of Irish lads who so graciously played some beloved Celtic tunes for the crowd! To all of the fans, volunteers, and people who supported all of the fine hurling teams…Thank you! We appreciate the support!




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