Hurling is an outdoor team sport of ancient Gaelic origin and played with sticks and a ball. The game, played primarily in Ireland, is arguably the world's fastest field team sport in terms of game play and is Ireland's national sport. We're currently looking for people that are interested in playing the great game of hurling.

The News

Ray's Pub Wins 2013 Spring City Series!

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After 6 intense matches, Ray's Pub deafeated Scorcher's 4 games to 2. Thanks to all our sponsors for another successful City Series!

A special thanks to Adam Behm for being the referee for all the City Series matches.

The Lineups were as follows:

Ray's Pub

1- Coleen Casey
2- Melissa Hall
3- Dorothy Baughman
5- Mark Agner
6- Jamison Blose
7- Kevin Casey
8- Steve Chiarappa
9- Bobby Lauer
10- Pat Taylor Jr.
11- Pat McIntee
12- Keith Knott
15- Jerry Stralko
17-Jim Hagan
19- Steve Snyder
23- Pat Custy
24- Steve Hohman
25- Nicholas Frank

2- Coco Miletti
3- Beth Rimmel
4- Vince DiIorio
5- Pete Culver
6- Brent Buchtel
7- Jen Kirsop
8- Zach Wysocki
10- Ashley Frank
11- Scott Cooper
12- Mick Schauer
13- Craig Sampsell
14- Gary Lennington
19- Mike Ruane
20- Leif Olsson
23- Damon Campbell
24- Amy Krueger
25- Luke Wilcox

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Akron Brings Hurling to the Shores of Lake Erie

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Akron Hurling is proud to help bring Ireland's National Sport to Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday, May 21, 2011. Akron will be one of three North American hurling clubs represented at the 2011 Cleveland Gaelic Games 7's Tournament, hosted by the Cleveland St. Pat's Gaelic Football Club. Akron will be represented by two teams in the Seven-a-Side Gaelic Games, and be matched up against two teams from the Toronto Hurling Club and one team from Pittsburgh Hurling.

Here is the list of Akron Hurling 2011 Cleveland 7's Participants:  Mark Agner, Adam Behm, Brent Buchtel, Damon Campbell, Coleen Casey, Steve Chiarappa, Scott Cooper, Patrick Custy, Steve Hohman, Pat McIntee, David Mullins, Mark Murphy, Kristen Ramsour, Michael Ruane, Mik Schauer, Steve Snyder, Michael Steiner, Patrick Taylor, Jr., Luke Wilcox, and Zach Wysocki.

The 2011 Cleveland Gaelic Games 7's Tournament is being played at Victory Sports Park, located at 7777 Victory Lane, North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039. The games officially start off at 9AM EST on both fields.

Hurling Schedule (ALL on Field #1):

Hurling Pitts v Akron 1 (Toronto 2 refs)

Hurling Toronto 1 v Akron 2 (Pitt refs)

Hurling Toronto 2 v Pitts (Akron 1 refs)

Hurling Akron 1 v Akron 2 (Toronto 1 refs)

Hurling Toronto 1 v Toronto 2 (Akron 2 refs)

Hurling Akron 2 v Pitts (Toronto 2 refs)

Hurling Toronto 2 v Akron 1 (Pitts refs)

Hurling Pitts v Toronto 1 (Akron 1 refs)

Hurling Akron 1 v Toronto 1 (Pitts refs)

Hurling Akron 2 v Toronto 2 (Akron 1 refs)

Men Hurling Final - Whoever is still standing


The full games schedules and the tournament rules can be found on the Akron Hurling Calendar.



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Akron Expresses Sympathy After Death of Camogie Player

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In Honor of Holly Bulfinch: September 28, 1983-March 27, 2011 RIP


The Akron Gaelic Sports Association extends its deepest sympathy to the family, friends, and teammates of Holly Bulfinch who passed away on Sunday, March 27, 2011.

Holly was a member of the Akron Celtic Guards Hurling Club (GAA), and she was a highly talented camogie player and all round sportsperson. She had a bright future ahead of her not only in camogie but also in soccer, snowboarding, art, and all of her passions. We know that Holly will be sadly missed and it is a shame that this tragedy had to take her away from all of us prematurely. In honor of Holly the Akron hurlers and camogie players will wear commemorative stickers on their helmets.

Specific sympathy is extended to her father Chuck Bulfinch, her mother Lori Kondik, her brothers and sisters, plus her boyfriend and Akron hurler, Michael Steiner. We will all miss her kind and gentle soul.


Holly Bulfinch Obituary:



Holly Bulfinch Playing Against Ohio State

Holly Bulfinch & Michael Steiner

Holly Bulfinch @ the 2010 Al O'Leary Tournament with the Ladies from Akron, Indy & Pitt

Holly Bulfinch with the Angry Chimps Football Club Ladies

Holly Bulfinch with the Angry Chimps Football Club Circa 2008



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2010 Fall Youth Training Clinics

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2010 Akron Hurling Youth Training Fall Schedule Flyer


The Akron Celtic Guards Hurling Club will be hosting Youth Hurling/Camogie clinics at Hardesty Park on Saturdays this fall, from 3:00PM-4:30PM.

These clinics are specifically aimed at teaching the Irish sport of Hurling and Camogie to ages 18 and under.

The Akron Celtic Guards Hurling Club has youth equipment available provided by their sponsor, P. O'Kane Hurls.

Parents/Guardians will have to sign waivers.

See you @ Hardesty Park
1615 W. Market Street (in Wallhaven)
Akron, OH 44313


Akron Hurling: 2010 Fall Youth Clinic Schedule:

Week 1 - Saturday, October 2, 2010 @ 3PM
Hardesty Park


Week 2 - Saturday, October 9, 2010
BYE WEEK (Akron Al O'Leary Hurling Tournament)


Week 3 - Saturday, October 16, 2010 @ 3PM
Hardesty Park


Week 4 - Saturday, October 23, 2010 @ 3PM
Hardesty Park


Week 5 - Saturday, October 30, 2010
BYE WEEK (Indy Blitz Hurling Tournament)


Week 6 - Saturday, November 6, 2010 @ 3PM
Hardesty Park


The first 2010 fall youth training session is on Saturday, October 2, 2010, @ 3PM.

ALL youth training sessions are held at Hardesty Park located at 1615 W. Market Street, Akron, Ohio 44313 (in Wallhaven).


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Selkies Go Down in a Barrage of Arsenal Blasts!

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2009 Akron Hurling City Series Match #5 - the AOH Arsenal host the Selkies of Scorchers in the Valley

Sunday, November 1, 2009, was sunny, cool and crisp as the Selkies and the Arsenal took to the pitch on what would be a battle between two bitter city series rivals. The Arsenal in their striking red shirts and the Selkies in their gray and orange shirts made for an autumn type picture worth posting in “Better Homes and Hurling!”


The first half of the game was a pure defensive battle, which will go down in history as one of the best in city series history. Literally! Only the Selkies were able to finally muster a point, because shot after shot were turned back by the other teams defense. Notable defensive stops were made by Damon Ferguson of the Selkies who had amazing saves in the first half and his long puck outs helped keep the Arsenal attack in check. For the Arsenal, Pat McIntyre and Rory Richards continually pushed back Selkie offensive tries with stellar defensive play which smothered Selkie players all afternoon.


With the exception of just two shots on goal, the entire 2nd half was played on the Selkie half of the field as every offensive effort was turned away by Arsenal full backs Michael Ruane and John Higgens. Damon Campbell was able to enjoy an easy day in goal as the Arsenal half forwards and full forwards peppered the Selkie goalie with a barrage of shots, controlling the ball most of the 2nd half. David Wright, Rory Richards, Mike Williams and Amy McDaniel Kruger fired away at will and the Selkies could only stop so many shots. Finally…goals started going in as the match was essentially put away on a fabulous ground hurl by Amy McDaniel Kruger that sped by an exhausted Damon Ferguson. Congrats go out to Amy who scored her very first goal!


The Arsenal finally got into the win column with a good team effort against a classy Selkie team that showed no quit throughout the afternoon.


The Akron Hurling Fall City Series standings after five weeks:
Ray's Pub 3-0
AOH 1-2
Scorchers 1-3


With just one match remaining in city series play, all are encouraged to get out to the pitch on Sunday, November 8, 2009, at noon. The final match up has the Rebels of Ray’s Pub hosting the Arsenal of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH). This will be by far, the most anticipated match up of the year as the fierce Arsenal defense is pitted against the high powered offensive threat of the Rebels. Tempers flared between players in the first match up as shoulders were coming in hard and often by both sides. Chippy play and brilliant team work will be on display in this final game of the 2009 hurling season. We look forward to seeing everyone there!


Anyone interested in learning the sport of Hurling is welcome to come to the pitch every Sunday at noon. No equipment needed as the Akron Celtic Guards Hurling Club will provide some for you. The Akron Hurling City Series is a co-ed league, so women are encouraged to participate and eventually dominate.





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