Hurling is an outdoor team sport of ancient Gaelic origin and played with sticks and a ball. The game, played primarily in Ireland, is arguably the world's fastest field team sport in terms of game play and is Ireland's national sport. We're currently looking for people that are interested in playing the great game of hurling.

The News

Indy Invitational: Fun, Food, and Fur!

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It was another great time at the Indy Invitational this year! The Akron Hurling team played well, and had great matches against St. Louis, Indy 2, and Indy 3. Akron lost the shield to Indy 2 after ending regulation tied. Meanwhile, our Camogie girls played with St. Louis Camogie to create "St. Akron Camogie"! They fought hard against Indy and St. Mary's to do Akron proud! The memories of the matches and afters will be truly cherished by all those who made the trip to Indianapolis. There are too many thanks to go around, but specifically, the Akron Celtic Guards whould like to thank the Indy GAA for another successful and fun tournament! We would also like to thank the St. Louis Camogie girls for accepting our girls onto their squad! Lastly, we would like to thank Mystery Otter for keeping things interesteing! We can't wait for next year!

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The Guards Travel to Indy for the Indianapolis GAA Invitational!

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Once again, the Akron Celtic Guards will make the trip to Indianapolis to participate in the Indianapolis GAA Invitational. The Guards will be participating in the Junior C Bracket with Indy, St. Louis, and possibly Middle Tennessee. The Akron Camogie girls will be playing with the girls from St. Louis! Please visit the Indy GAA Invitational Website for details about this great event! See below for the tentative schedule of games for both Akron and St. Louis Camogie!

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Akron Celtic Guards Demonstrate at the Dublin Irish Festival!

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A great time was had by all ath the Dublin Irish Festival! Thanks to the guys at the Columbus Hurling Club for joining us in our demonstration. A special thanks to all of those who came and watched the "Fastest Game on Grass"! Lastly, Guard Member Scott Cooper did a fantastic job as the emcee for the event! Thanks Coop!

Last Updated on Thursday, 08 August 2013 13:08

Meet the Akron Celtic Guards at the Dublin Irish Festival August 4th!

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Meet the Akron Celtic Guards at the Dublin Irish Festival on Sunday August 4th! We will be doing a full demonstration at 3pm at the Tansky Sawmill Toyota Greenfields Sports Arena, as well as having a booth at the Sports PresentationTent immediately following the demonstration for any interested about learning the sport! Come say hello! For ticket information please visit

We'll See You There! Up Akron!

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Akron Lose Series against Midwest Rival Pitt

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After leading at half in both matches, Akron came up short in the second half of both matches to lose the series against Pitt at Akron July 13th and in Pitt on July 27th. A special thanks to Coleen Casey for being the referee for both matches.

Last Updated on Monday, 05 August 2013 16:09

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